Q&A: Best latest hearing aids Emily at Dr. Carol Jackson’s, Ear and Balance, has, do they work?

Question by TomW: Best latest hearing aids Emily at Dr. Carol Jackson’s, Ear and Balance, has, do they work?
My dad and I both need hearing aids from loud music and hearing loss runs in our family. Don’t know where to start. We’re in Newport Beach, heard of digital Phonak mini’s
to try and a sharp Dr. Emily with top otologist Dr. Carol Jackson. We’re looking for value and service, any thoughts?

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Answer by mrhearing
There are a number of available hearing aids out on the market. You should become educated and shop around based on price, service and what your needs are.
If you are pushed towards selecting a particular model and make have that person explain the differences and the reasons they are selecting that model. Be aware of special sales and promotions there is no such thing. The main thing is check for service, followup charges and their return policy.
Not all hearing aids are the same but neither is the person selecting and fitting you. Fitting your hearing aid is the most important part of the procedure and will make the difference between success and failure. Stay away from large chain office vendors may not be the best, they maybe more interest in pushing volume and profit for themselves than taking your hearing needs as the bottom line.
SO know what you want, what you can afford and make sure that you get the best service or go Else where.
There a number of vendors in your area check them out and remember your hearing is particular to you so imagine the difference if someone fitting you has a hearing loss too they understand. remember not satisfied you have a right to return the aid within 30 days. call and ask around find someone knowledgable and who you can work with.

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