Q&A: a website with hearing aid accessories?

Question by brandonjones@swbell.net: a website with hearing aid accessories?
I’m looking for a website that sells hearing aid accessories. The main thing I’m looking for is a hard plastic (or composit) carrying case. I have a 5y/o boy with hearing aids, a soft case won’t do. I did a yahoo and google search and could only come up with soft cases. I’m aslo looking for a site that sells the cleansers and cleaning tools and whatnot. So if you know of a good site let me know. Thanks.
Thanks Unity, But I’m hopeing for sites that don’t come up on a Yahoo or Google search, because I’ve Been through all of those, hearingplanet.com and adcohearing.com, niether of them have the hard case like I’m looking for.

Also, If anyone lives in the St. Louis, MO area and knows of a store or specific hearing health center that carries hard cases, feel free to through that on in also.

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