printer docks, photo printers, and camera dock is it different things?

Question by Inna: printer docks, photo printers, and camera dock is it different things?
I’ve met them all in one sentence, but can’t get the difference between them, explain it to me, please, in simple words!

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Answer by NickP
Let’s start with the last “camera dock”. Use to be that some manufacturers required you to carry a small “docking” device or platform for you to recharge your camera. Rechargeable Batteries were sealed into the camera. The docking device was plugged into the standard a/c outlet. The camera was set upon this dock and the batteries were charged. This device was mainly used by Kodak. They no longer make this type of set up as it requires you to carry the docking station with you in order to recharge your camera.I would never consider purchasing a used camera that employed such a system. Stick with the standard 4 or sometimes 2 AA batteries which are removable and charged in a separate charger. I have 3 sets for my camera & therefore don’t ever nee to carry the charger with me.

Photo printer are your standard printer for use with a computer but usually has two or additional inks to aid in the making of photographs. I have a Photo Printer, but to be honest, I don’t use this feature anymore as the printer uses a large amount of ink, which when compared to say Costco’s prices is more expensive to use.

Printer docks? I never heard of such a thing unless the term is being used with the small printers which only print 4×6 size prints. This printers also are very expensive to operate as the ink usually is supplied in one cartridge, which is costly, and does not store well, necessitating replacement before it is entirely used up.

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  1. retiredPhil says:

    I have a “Kodak EasyShare G600 printer dock”. It is a printer dock, like the title says, because I can plug my Kodak C743 camera directly onto it and print pictures. Since it prints pictures, it is a photo printer. Since I can dock my camera on it, and charge the batteries and print pictures, it is a camera dock. It is all three, printer dock, photo printer and camera dock; it’s just a matter of how you’re looking at it.

    Photo printers can also be any printer that will print photos and they are made by everybody such as Epson, Canon, HP, etc. I don’t know of any that allow you to dock a camera on them. You can connect them with a USB cable, but that’s different.

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