Practicing Health – How to prevent swimmer's ear

Practicing Health – How to prevent swimmer's ear
You should avoid: swimming or scuba diving; flying; wearing earplugs, hearing aids or headphones until the pain or discharge has resolved; and getting water in your ear canal when bathing (use a cotton ball coated with petroleum jelly to protect your …
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OCT imaging of the inner ear promising for new hearing loss therapies
The device, a hand-held instrument, enables a researcher or physician to pass a probe through the ear canal and tympanic membrane to shine a laser through a thin membrane located on the cochlea, where they can then image the inner ear tissues with the …
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County mops up after storm damage
We're always interested in hearing about news in our community. Let us know …. During the storms, a YCSO vehicle became stuck on a muddy canal road while attempting to approach and aid the driver of another vehicle, which was also stuck. “We were out …
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