Poets of Franklin County: Claire Blatchford

Poets of Franklin County: Claire Blatchford
The Brick, and subsequent hearing aids, brought sounds to Blatchford in what she describes in the book as “a rather one-dimensional manner.” “The implant put me in sound,” she writes in the book. “When it was activated, I was shaken by the experience …
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Illustrator Barry Lee on using art to overcome Nager syndrome
The more I grew up, the less people bullied me — because I drew them pictures." The figures … One recent experience he mentions involves a grown man Lee didn't know ask about his hearing aid in a fast food joint and try to touch it. "But I also …
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Legislature sends forfeiture law back to committee
Most of the time we take pictures of your car, take pictures of where the cocaine was found or where the evidence was found, we give you your car back Are there times where we hold the car? Absolutely. But I keep hearing all this due process, due …
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