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Question by J P: physics help?
A hearing-aid patient has a binaural, sensorineural, moderate hearing loss and wants to know how long the battery for his hearing aid will last. The hearing aid battery has a capacity of 290 mA*h and his digital hearing aid has a current rating of 1.1 mA. If the user has his hearing aid turned on for 16 hours each day, how many days will transpire before the battery must be replaced?

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Answer by Hearing Professional
Wow interesting question. Sorry don’t know anything about physics. But I am curious if the answer is anywhere near realistic.

I looked at the different size batteries that are available for hearing aids and the average amount of time they last is listed based on my experience with hearing aids and report from my hearing aid patients.

size 10 – 100 mAh 4-5 days
size 312 – 180 mAh 7-10 days
size 13 – 310 mAh 14 days

This answer doesn’t do the math for you, but like I said curious if the math would work out to be a realistic answer. I have no idea if the estimate of power usage from hearing aid is correct or not.

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