People with hearing loss in Leeds 'failed' by NHS hearing aid review

People with hearing loss in Leeds 'failed' by NHS hearing aid review
Patients had to go directly to Leeds General Infirmary for hearing aids but, following a review, the NHS in Leeds opened up the service to bidders as part of the specialist Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) service so some GP practices could see patients.
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Hunters often Overlook Hearing Protection
"Shooter's ear — we see it every day in our business," said Lance Kraemer of Starkey Hearing Technologies, a manufacturer of hearing aids and electronic hearing protection. "And every day we hear from hunters who wish they'd been clued in on hearing …
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Why Harry Kopyto won't quit
After the longest licensing hearing in the history of the Law Society of Upper Canada, 51 days over three years, the regulator deemed Kopyto in February to be “ungovernable,” and not in sufficiently “good character” to be a paralegal, despite …
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Oakland VA whistleblower to seem at Property hearing this week
Brown was element of a team tasked to review those claims, and she was appalled to discover some dated back to the mid-1990s, and numerous of those vets had died waiting for help from the VA. When she identified some of those claims piled on a file …
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