Parents must pay for daughter's college tuition, judge rules

Parents must pay for daughter's college tuition, judge rules
Caitlyn Ricci and her parents sat on opposite sides of the Camden courtroom, emblematic of a deep family divide. On the right was Ricci, 21, wearing a solid green shirt and black dress pants, with her attorney. On the left side, seated together, were …
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The Experience of Dignity: Community Courts and the Future of the Criminal
… ton of small offenses, constantly in and out of jail. Calabrese weighs the details of her drug-possession case for a few minutes and offers her a choice: a year in jail or six months in drug treatment, with charges dismissed if she's successful …
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More asylum seekers getting financial help in Portland
Roche said that last year the regional office sent only two hearing officers to Portland for one week to conduct crucial face-to-face interviews with roughly 40 applicants. This year, officials came to Portland twice, in March and … As the percentage …
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