PARCC complaints voiced at hearing at Camden County College

PARCC complaints voiced at hearing at Camden County College
An 8-year-old stood in front of a state study commission Thursday and made a plea. She asked for more learning time in school instead of more tests like the new standardized one that frustrated her class this week as they practiced for it. The …
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Hearing set on Delaware City Refinery water discharge
Until recent years, the 210,000 barrel-per-day refinery was approved to take in an average of about 450 million gallons daily using screening systems with relatively few improvements since the plant's original opening in the mid-1950s, sucking in huge …
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Harvard and MIT Are Sued Over Lack of Closed Captions
The case highlights the increasingly important role of online materials in higher education. M.I.T. and Harvard have extensive materials available free online, on platforms like YouTube, iTunesU, Harvard@Home and MIT OpenCourseWare. In addition, the …
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Newborn hearing screening vital for giving babies the best start
Between one and three of every 1,000 newborns will have a significant, permanent hearing loss. These babies have a six-month window of opportunity for treatment that will allow them to retain their developmental…
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