Panasonic to read brain waves to automatically tune hearing aids

Panasonic to read brain waves to automatically tune hearing aids
PANASONIC is now developing a new technology for fitting hearing aids, using brain waves to automatically adjust sound levels. The Panasonic development will estimate the loudest level of sound the user can comfortably tolerate, by interpreting the …
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Tips and tricks for ironing your best clothes
With such special occasions as proms, graduations, and weddings coming up, it's a good time for a refresher course on ironing. Your clothes will come out smoother if they're ironed when damp, so if possible remove them from the dryer before they are …

Filling a need: Businesses finding hiring those with disabilities is good for
The new provisions may allow former cancer patients whose illnesses are in remission to claim a disability as well as those who cope with hearing loss by wearing a hearing aid. And there's all manner of physical disabilities and other cognitive …
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Make your microwave last with tips from the pros
Today's microwaves do everything from defrosting to grilling. Sure, they'll reheat yesterday's dinner or pop a bag of popcorn. But many of the latest models also automate heating functions for a wide range of food and offer convection, speed-cooking …

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