Panasonic KX-TGE274S Link2Cell Bluetooth Enabled Phone with Answering Machine & 4 Cordless Handsets

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  1. J. Linder "Jimbo435" says:
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    Great for small business, May 21, 2014
    J. Linder “Jimbo435” (San Jose, CA) –

    I’ve done about 50 hours of research over the last 3-4 weeks trying to replace our old Panasonic KS-TG5240 (5.8 GHz) which is about 7 years old. I felt it was important because while it was not necessarily a large purchase, we only replace our phone every 5-10 years. I looked at Consumer Reports, and online reviews both here and other retailers. The batteries on our old phones were going, the keys sticking, and the range was never good enough. We patched our range issue with some added wired phones. But we needed an upgrade to ensure our phone was answered after office hours.
    i liked some of the phones made by V-Tech and Uniden, but one unique feature of Panasonic phones locked me into them. I needed the ability to schedule a phone to ring only during certain hours. The “Silent Mode” did the trick, allowing me to set start and end times that the target phone won’t ring, allowing it to ring essentially after the office closed. No other manufacturer had this feature (with scheduled hours).
    I was focused on range because our small preschool is about 150 feet wide, and the phone needed to reach down to the break room from the office. Consumer Reports listed 6 Panasonic models that had excellent range: 474X, 477X, 473X, 773X, 659X, and 947X. At least one model (which I found a lot of stock available) had “fair” range was the 684X. So I stayed away.
    We really liked the Hold button on our existing phone, but only one of the Panasonic phones with excellent range, and none of the newer phones had a hold button. I read many an owners manual and discovered that most Panasonic phones will display a “soft key” for Mute, which while not the same as Hold, would work for our need to have a private conversation face to face before including the caller.
    I was intrigued by some of the features of the newer Panasonic phones. One (I forget the model numbers) linked to WiFi and allowed iPads and iPhones to act as handsets on the phone system. Problem with this system was the price. A 5 phone system would be over $500
    Many of the newer Panasonic models link to cell phones (like this model), but these work the opposite of what I wanted. They allow you to use the business phone to make cell calls. I was only really interested in link-2-cell so I might be able to use a headset in the future. The problem with this is that most phones only have bluetooth in the base, and its range is only about 30 feet, so you won’t be roaming the campus talking on your phone, just around the office.
    The other feature that the newer Panasonic phones have is that you can setup a group in your phonebook, and then assign that group to override the “silent mode”. This would allow me to give certain individuals the abilities to ring in certain rooms.
    The downside to the newer models, is lack of range testing available. So I figured I would buy one local, test it, and if it didn’t work, take it back and buy one Consumer Reports says is excellent range, giving up on the new features.
    Visiting brick and mortar Office Depot, Best Buy resulted in very lousy stock. I ended up at a Frys, where they had pretty good stock. I purchased the KX-TGE263 (because of the smaller base unit), only to discover that accessory handsets are not available until at least June 2014. I returned it and bought this model which contains 5 of the 6 handsets we needed. I can get by with my wired phones until the accessory handsets are available. I charged over the weekend, and tested the range on Monday. While the audio quality was a little degraded at the range we needed, it worked fine. So we will be keeping this model.
    After a week, here is my feedback.
    1) We got the silver, and it is a very nice looking phone.
    2) The display is very large and lights up very bright.
    3) Phone displays the time when not in use, which gives me a clock other than my computer in the office.
    4) Volume for earpiece is on the side of the phone, making it very easy to adjust without having to take it away from your ear or accidentally going into any menus which is what happened when using the navigator button on the front. (although that method still works)
    5) Volume for the outside ring and the intercom ring is the same volume (as far as I can tell). So at first we turned it off to keep outside calls from ringing in the classroom, but then they could not hear the intercom. So we turned the ringer all the way up, but put every phone in “Silent Mode” during class times. This keeps outside calls from ringing through, but has a very loud intercom.
    6) There is no dedicated intercom button on the handset panel. But when you pickup the phone off its charging base, the left soft button is an “INT” button enabling you to easily make intercom calls.
    7) You can name every handset so that when making intercom calls, you can easily tell the handsets apart.
    8) The answering machine was easy to setup, even…

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  2. JJ "JJ" says:
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    Panasonic phone with extras, May 3, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I purchased this Panasonic phone because it has the ability to pair with two cell phones via bluetooth connection. I need to have this option because phone service through my local cable company is simply unreliable at times and TWC seems unable to completely fix the problem. The Panasonic offers an easier way to make calls using both landline and cell service when my cable company phone line is acting up. Set up was pretty easy. After following the directions, I had both an Android phone and an iphone set up as cell 1 and 2, in no time. I even transferred my rather large phone book from my iphone directly to the Panasonic without encountering any problems.

    In the past, I had found Panasonic cordless phones lacking in earpiece volume. No matter how high I turned up the volume, it always seemed kinda weak to me. However, calls are loud and clear on this model with plenty of volume. You have an equalizer function to change the speaker sound settings, but leaving it set to normal works fine for me. There is also a button that suppresses noise so you could hear the other party more clearly if they happen to be calling from a noisy location.

    Once you pair your Panasonic system with your cell phone, there is a cool feature that will alert you with a notification sound on the handsets whenever a text message is received on your cell phone. This system also has a feature that will notify you whenever there is a message left on the machine. I programmed my cell phone number into the Panasonic and when someone leaves a message, the machine dials my cell and allows me to listen to it.

    The display is nice and bright and clear. Panasonic also included belt clips for all the handsets. Phone has a feature that allows it to work even if power goes out. You can also block up to 250 phone numbers. I’m deducting a star because the base station buttons for answer on/off and cell 1 & 2 has a cheap, plasticky feel.

    Overall, it’s a super nice phone system.


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