Our Best Self: Say what? Hearing, health, and happiness

Our Best Self: Say what? Hearing, health, and happiness
This “baseline” test prior to substantial hearing loss is helpful for comparison in the future. … Takeaway for the week: Get a baseline hearing test, if you haven't already, and don't let the imaginary stigma of hearing aids keep you from being your …
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IBM's 'Rodent Brain' Chip Could Make Our Phones Hyper-Smart
But the promise is that IBM's chip can run these algorithms in smaller spaces with considerably less electrical power, letting us shoehorn more AI onto phones and other tiny devices, including hearing aids and, well, wristwatches. “What does a neuro …
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Untreated Hearing Loss could lead to depression and anxiety
The study researchers observed them and noticed that those who refused to use hearing aids had 50% more chance of developing depression. These people were also found to be more reluctant in taking part in social activities in comparison to those who …
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