Oakland Raiders: Weekly Rant Column: Michael Sam

Oakland Raiders: Weekly Rant Column: Michael Sam
They did want teams to take Michael Sam because obviously we see what kind of movement they're gearing for, and what they're support of Michael Sam, who we all know, came out, acknowledged he was gay before the draft and ultimately something Roger …
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Missionary infected with Ebola heading to Nebraska
Sacra, who's from the Boston area, opted to head to Liberia after hearing that two other missionaries were sick. He was infected by the virus that has killed about 1,900 people. He's the third American aid worker infected by the Ebola. The first two …
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11 ways Alabamians changed the world
Waldo Semon (1898-1999) of Demopolis, Ala., was a chemist who invented dozens of synthetic compounds, including a type of synthetic rubber bubble gum that was never marketed. But his best known inventions are vinyl – yep, … Portable hearing aids …
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