No judge free to hear Rory's case

No judge free to hear Rory's case
The hearing was due to take place in the High Court yesterday but there was no judge available to take it. Mr Justice Brian McGovern, who was at hearing in another matter, said he had been informed the President of the High Court, Mr Justice Nicholas …
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Loud toys can damage children's hearing, UC Irvine researchers say
"Most of the toys we tested, if they're held at about a foot from the ear, then they wouldn't cause any significant damage to hearing. However, if toys were held against the ear, which is often done by children, then that's when it can cause damage …
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Mind the Gap: Healthcare Costs Are Unaffordable for People With Intellectual
Healthy Athletes has provided 1.4 million free examinations in seven critical health areas since 1997. As the infographic shows, we have found that 40 percent of our athletes have untreated tooth decay, 40 percent aren't wearing corrective lenses but …
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