Need advise on: High frequency lost | What job is suitable and would a lyric hearing aid suit me? PLEASE READ!?

Question by : Need advise on: High frequency lost | What job is suitable and would a lyric hearing aid suit me? PLEASE READ!?
Hello, when I was 6 months old I was diagnosed with high frequency hearing lost, this was because I had cancer and the chemotherapy damaged my hearing. I now where both digital phonak hearing aids, I’m only 14 years of age and I get bullied a lot in school and I don’t feel comfable wearing both hearing aids, I have long hair to cover up my hearing aids, my hearing has ruined my life. At school I act like a normal student, I only sometimes wear one hearing aid. Hearing in class is a BLOODY nightmare and unreal, I don’t know how the hell I’m smarter than a lot of people in my year with my hearing so low I can bearing understand what the teacher is telling me. I find it embarrassing sitting near the front of the class. I have quit my sports because i Get too paranoid when the wind blows my hair and people Can see my hearing aids, now I dont do sports and im always worried that i wont get a good job All because i cannot hear therefore i wont get good grades in school,So… Well I’m sorry for the life story I kind of got carried away, the main question is: ‘would a lyric hearing aid (suppose to be invisible and placed in the ear canel whereas people cannot see it) be suitable for me ? Here the link of the hearing aid:

My life is ruined. If anyone here is actually reading this please if you don’t mind taking time out and finding about this information and also find out what jobs are suitable for my hearing lost, this would make my day and I couldnt thank you more!

If you have any advise for me please please comment, it would mean anything. Right now I need help !


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Answer by jones
the problem is not your hearing aid it is that there are bullies in your school who not only pick on you but others as well.

Do not ever let anyone tell you that you are less of a person…

they are the ones with the issue not you. You are a strong smart kid who has been through a lot for such a young age. Wear both of your hearing aids to school, your education and your future are more important then what the bullies think. The bullies will not succeed in life because when he gets to be an adult other adult will not accept his bullying. Talk to your parents about your issues at school and your hearing aids and also you can get hearing aids that are so small that you cant even see them. Also talk to a doctor to see what hearing aids you can have with your type of hearing loss.

And as for Jobs you can do any job you want dont limit your dreams because of hearing aids and your hearing loss it just like someone who needs to wear glasses .

No job is off limits so DREAM BIG!!

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