Motorola W260g Prepaid Phone (Tracfone) Reviews

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  1. Chris Zee Shutterbug says:
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    Excellent basic phone, March 20, 2009
    Chris Zee Shutterbug (Baton Rouge La) –

    This review is from: Motorola W260g Prepaid Phone (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    This is a slim flip style phone that you get the basic description up above. I will concentrate reviewing what may help you decide if it’s right for you.

    First go to the Tracfone website to do several things. You will input your zip code to see what phones are available in your area (on the buy phone tab). After confirming your city, carefully check the web address page that will appear in your browser. Somewhere in the string of characters there will be either a GSM5AT (ATT and Tmobile), GSM5 (Tmobile), or GSM4 (ATT). Those are the two providers that Tracfone currently uses. This code will tell you who is in your area. If you are lucky to be in a dual provider area, select your W260g (or actually any other) carefully by looking at the white label on the bottom of the box (if shopping in a store). The phones (and sim cards) are specific to only one provider. The top line of the white label will have a string that will contain either TFMTW260SP5PSDM (Tmobile) or TFMTW260SP4SDM (ATT). Pick a phone for a provider that you have better coverage with in the area that you will be using the phone most often. You cannot swap a P4 sim into a P5 phone and vice versa. They are sold married to each other only.

    Second, select this phone in a “Bonus Pack” package only. It is only a couple of bucks more and includes car and home charger, a case, earphone and most important “Free Double Minutes For Life” (FDML). That is what the last two digits in the code above stand for. This means when you buy a 60 minute card, you will get 120 minutes, etc.

    Third, always Google “bonus codes” and Tracfone when buying air time for current offers that will add even more minutes to your card/phone. I typically buy a 60 minute card, get double minutes up to 120, then get 60 additional bonus code minutes. So a 60 minute card can get you 180 minutes.

    Fourth, activate on line on Tracfone website. You will get 10 minutes free.

    Fifth, when you first get assigned a new phone number, be aware that someone may have had it before you. They may have had a “history”, such as bad credit. If you don’t want to load up your voice mail with unwanted messages, do not set up the voice mail for a couple of weeks, or have Tracfone “unset it” up for you. You can also set the unwanted caller numbers up as “ignore a, b, c, d etc” in the directory. You then hit “ignore” soft button (the one on the right of select circle)when they call, and not lose any minutes.

    Now the rest of the review. The phone looks nice and modern with a sleek shiny black surface. Feels good in the hand. The charging and earphone openings have plastic covers that swing out of the way when needed. Unfortunately when you unplug the charger you tend to grab the both the plug and the cover, and the plug feels like it does not want to come out, or worse it does come out with the plastic cover.
    The battery life seems optimistic at 6.5 hours talk time and 18 days standby. While futzing with the phone and all its features (not on the air, but with screen on all the time) I managed to run down the battery in about 3 hours. Not using the phone much at all I had to recharge it in 4 days. That is still good for a GSM phone.

    Keypad is just OK, the circular pad is a bit small and I wind up occasionally hitting one of the arrows rather than the center circle.

    The screen quality is good. You can only set the contrast, not the brightness. The various W260s I saw, had a good degree of variation between them some bright with a bluish tinge, some dimmer and yellowish. Both are very acceptable.

    The reception and voice quality are good to very good (not excellent). I had both the Tmobile and ATT versions, and in my case the ATT had much better signal strength.

    The supplied earphone (bonus pack) is single ear, pretty good quality, the clip on holster is very good, and both home and car chargers fully recharge the batteries in about three hours (updated information).

    PS Tracfone customer support has been excellent. They answer on the first ring, sometimes are a bit difficult to understand, but get the job done.

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  2. cat54mom says:
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    Good basic phone for the money, but ringtones were hard to find, May 1, 2009
    cat54mom (Chattanooga, TN) –

    This review is from: Motorola W260g Prepaid Phone (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I purchased this phone from another site. I have had it about 3 weeks. So far, it is a good basic phone, and the battery life seems pretty good. The Tracphone pre-paid rate is good if you have the double minutes, and they offer promotions that give you extra minutes when you purchase time.

    The main problem I had with it is that the instructions in the manual for selecting a different ringtone were poor. Neither I nor a friend could figure out how to get to the advertised 35 pre-loaded ringtones. (Both of us have owned cell phones before.) After several failed attempts, Tracfone’s customer service (both a tech rep and his supervisor) said it didn’t have different ringtones. (They also said that feature wasn’t advertised for the phone on their website, although it is.) I called back a second time to complain that the features listed for the phone on Tracfone’s website were misleading. This time, the technical rep led me through several different series of steps, similar to what I had tried before and, finally, after several different attempts and conferences with her supervisor, it worked, and the ringtones were displayed for me to select from. I don’t know why it was so hard to do at first, but I have never before had this much of a problem setting this on a cell phone. I am pleased with it now that the ringtone is set–you can set the volume for the loud ring so that it is fairly loud. The customer service has always been courteous.

    (If you have a problem with the ringtones, here is what you do:
    from main menu select Ring Styles -> Style -> Loud Ring -> Select.
    The phone will display “changed style”, then return to Ring Styles with “Loud Ring Detail” on 2nd line.
    Select Loud Ring Detail -> Alarms, and an “Alarms” menu will be diplayed, begiining with “Silent”. If you continue to scroll down, you can see (and hear) the ringtones. Seems straight-forward, but like I said, I made numerous tries with no success. Repeat for “Soft ring”. Ringtones will not display if phone is set to vibrate.)

    I haven’t noticed any other problems. My needs are relatively basic, and I don’t talk on the phone frequently, although I keep it on during the daytime. I don’t text, so I can’t comment on that.

    btw This is my first experience with Tracfone. I activated the phone after purchase, was given a number, then started the process to transfer my phone number from my previous cell phone carrier. They said they would send me a new sim card for my new number. I assumed I would have use of the cell phone using the number assigned on activation, but instead I was without cell phone service until my new sim card arrived. They did FedEx the sim card to me, but in the past I have not had a disruption in cell phone service to transfer my old number. I don’t know if this is their standard procedure, but it was unexpected and somewhat inconvenient.

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