Minor hearing loss?

Question by dmax50: Minor hearing loss?
I have recently realized that I may have minor hearing loss. I find it hard to understand others in a noisy environment, and I do hear a faint ringing in my ears when I’m in a quiet area. I’m planning on getting a proper hearing test, but what I want to know is, do people with mild hearing loss usually use hearing aids. Also, does such hearing loss cause problems within a persons lifetime ( job opportunities and such important parts of someone and their life)?

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Answer by onlymatch4u
It sounds like you need to find out the “ROOT CAUSE” of your problem and not try to just treat the symptom. The same thing that is causing your hearing loss is also causing other problems in your body.

Diet can play a big part in this issue, but also, more importantly and most urgent, you need to look at your teeth and mouth. This is where infection can exist and this is the only place in your body where the body cannot overcome the infection no matter how much nutrition you give it. The reason is that there is very little blood flow to the teeth and infection can have free reign. It is very common for teeth infections to cause hearing loss, tumors, cancer, many degenerative diseases. Each tooth has a direct connection to many organs in the body and when infection happens, the body becomes weak and mineral deficient.

If you have ANY amalgam fillings, bleeding gums, receding gum lines, Root Canals, extracted teeth, look there first. All it takes is one infection to generate problems for ALL the teeth. Modern dentistry has done more to harm the health of people today than can be imagined. ALL AMALGAM FILLINGS HAVE INFECTION under them. The sanitizer dentists use, sodium hypochloride only kills about 30% of the bacteria before they install the amalgams. These amalgams contain over 50% liquid mercury that leaches out and contaminates the body, especially brain and soft gland tissue. The gutta percha used to fill root canals is a latex material that does not fill all the canals, especially the root tip. This generates lots of infections and especially cavitations (NICO) and this bone degeneration is loaded with infection.

Bad digestion will also precipitate bad calcium and magnesium absorption. The blood requires a level of calcium that is constant. If this gets off even slightly, you die. So, when the blood needs calcium and you are not digesting well, it first takes it from the muscles and then from the bone as a survival technique. If you eat the wrong kinds of calcium, like Calcium Carbonate, etc., your body will reject this garbage and end up depositing it in your eyes as cataracts and bone spurs and kidney stones.

The ear ringing is a strong indication of calcium issue.

I suggest you go see a Certified Nutritional Therapist to determine your exact nutrient deficiencies and the exact quantity you need to take to get you back to normal. Doctors are not good at this because they treat symptoms and not root causes.

good luck

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  1. candletree82 says:

    Hello, sir or madame! I’ve worn hearing aids since I was 6 and I have a mild to moderate hearing loss (from complications of scarlet fever as an infant). Yes, I have had ringing in my ears (it’s called “tinnitus” and is similar to the phenomenon that occurs when someone loses an arm or leg yet still “feels” its presence). Your hearing test will determine the exact degree of hearing loss you have and what kind of hearing aids are best for you, if you even need them.

    No, a hearing loss does not have to cause a problem in your life (unless you let it). You can still get a job and lead a normal life, so rest assured! I’ve never been turned down for a job because of my hearing loss!! Plus, I sing in 2 choirs and have nearly perfect pitch! If you find that you sometimes miss what people say, you may want to be upfront about it, just so they are aware and to avoid potential misunderstandings later on.

    Also, take care to preserve the hearing you have left — don’t blast the headphones or the volume of the TV, stereo, car radio, etc. It’s especially dangerous to turn things up when you have a hearing loss because sounds at dangerous levels can still do damage even if they don’t sound loud to you. Have regular hearing tests (maybe once every 2 years or something). And smile, life is great!

    Good luck!!

    EDIT: An added bonus of having a hearing loss — you can use it as an excuse to get out of that dreaded jury summons. Just tell them you *may* not be able to hear everything that is said during the trial. Muahahaha…

  2. knicname says:

    Sounds like you have tinnitus along with the hearing loss.

    People with minor hearing loss do not usually wear hearing aids unless the ringing in your ears is very bothersome; or you find it increasingly difficult to hear others.

    Hearing loss should not affect your life in any negative way.
    First, there are federal laws against job discrimination; there are plenty of people who date & marry people with hearing loss.

    They have very small hearing aids today.

    Google: mayo clinic>>diseases>>tinnitus
    >>hearing loss

    Good luck to you

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