MH group helps provide the gift of sound

MH group helps provide the gift of sound
The company that we get our hearing instruments from, they have a foundation called the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and they do mission work in the United States and all over the world," Taylor said. "We started talking with the Starkey Foundation …
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Brothers bound by blindness
His brother, Mike Walsh, 37, has the same genetic disorder, marked by progressive loss of peripheral vision after childhood and significant hearing loss at birth. The condition causes about 50 percent of deaf-blindness in adults. Mike has taken more …

'A Prison within a Prison': Advocating for the Rights of Deaf Inmates
That's how advocates describe the lives of incarcerated deaf and hard of hearing people. The vast majority of correctional facilities have no ASL interpreters, and it's not unusual for inmates who rely on hearing aids to be denied the devices—or …
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