Meet The Global Groups That Alicia Keys Got Naked For

Meet The Global Groups That Alicia Keys Got Naked For
What they'd do with unlimited funds: Stay the course. Nutt and her organization know that they are dealing with challenges that can't be solved overnight. "These are kids and teenagers who have only ever known war," she says. "Most humanitarian aid is …
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Ebola Survivors: Hospital Staff Exposed in Africa
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The hospital in Liberia where three American aid workers got sick with Ebola has been overwhelmed by a surge in patients and doesn't have enough hazard suits and other supplies to keep doctors and nurses safe, a missionary …
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MOOTZ: Bad Spending Habits That Can Be Corrected
Americans have a great deal of disposable income relative to many other nations, yet our free spending can take us further and further away from the potential for financial freedom. Some people fall into crippling spending habits and injure their …
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