Medicare For Disabled/Hearing AId Coverage?

Question by mrniceguy1456: Medicare For Disabled/Hearing AId Coverage?
Ok here is whats happening.

I am on Medicare. I am poor so the state picks up my Medicare premium.

I have the chance right now to change my ppo or hmo (I dont have either now) and part D plan and I am trying to decide what to do.

Aetna Health Care is offering pretty much everything I need AND they are offering a $ 1000 hearing aid reimbursment every three years and $ 150 eyeglass every three years.

Does anyone else know if a insurance company who offers a hearing aid reimbursement?

It’s all so confusing!

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Answer by toots
In most states, Medicaid pays for hearing aids.
Medicaid will pay for all your prescriptions, too.
If you are poor enough to have Medicare pay for part of your premium, how come you don’t have Medicare with Medicaid as the secondary insurance? You’ll get better coverage and you won’t have to pay a copay for any of your care or prescriptions.

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  1. chiliswoman says:

    Hearing aids are FREQUENTLY not covered. So grab the insurance with hearing aide coverage.

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