Looking for the Right Solution to Hearing Problems

Looking for the Right Solution to Hearing Problems
Also, learn what is included with the purchase of your hearing aids. Beyond the device, other services in the price of the hearing aid may include initial recommendations, fitting, verification of a correct fitting, orientation to the device and its …
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European Hearing Aids and Audiology Devices Market
Growth of the hearing device market is largely dependent on the reimbursement policies of each country, the technological innovations that are offered by the manufacturers and the distribution of hearing aids by the retailers to the end users. The …
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Diabetes-Hearing Loss Link Spurs BHI to Urge Hearing Checks, Diabetes Risk
The Diabetes-Hearing Health ConnectionHearing depends on small blood vessels and nerves in the inner ear. Studies have shown that people with diabetes have a higher rate of hearing loss than people without diabetes. Although the relationship between …
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