looking for evaluation of digital hearing aids?

Question by Grey Fox: looking for evaluation of digital hearing aids?
Looking for comparisons of digital heaing aids showing features, repair histories and prices

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Answer by rkoblitz
Unfortunately, unlike TV’s, cameras and most other electronics, you can’t find internet comparisons for hearing aids that show pricing as well as features all on the same page. The following web site is pretty good insofar as a comparison of features, but you need to click on individual brands to get pricing.
Last January I upgraded from 1998 vintage programmables to digital aids. The digitals seem to improve sounds for me compared to the aids I purchased in 1998, plus now I have several channels to quickly change between different “listening environments”. Price goes up as number of channels increase.
I can’t imagine why you would need more than 4 channels.
I got mine from Miracle Ear and have been very satisfied with them. A little pricey, but every 3 months they check them over and make adjustments (if requested) without charge.
As to repair histories I can’t find anything on the web. I can tell you that for my old aids I need service three times on one aid or the other during the in 7 years. No problems so far with my new digitals. From all I read, and my own experience, the audioligist makes or breaks whether you end up being satisfied or not. You can have the best, most expensive aids, but if they are not properly programmed to meet your individual requirements then you will not be satisfied. Do not buy from the internet. Go to a reputable hearing aid center.
You may also find these sites informative.
Hope this helps!
Ps.,, what did you say,… I can’t hear you.

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