Listening in on Able Planet's new 'personal sound amplifier'

Listening in on Able Planet's new 'personal sound amplifier'
The behind-the-ear device is meant to help even people with normal hearing in noisy environments, amplifying hard-to-hear sounds while reducing background noise. Available on its Web site for $ 850 a pair, Able Planet says it will roll out the …
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Tucson actor played supporting role in murder trial
There were a couple people who tried to get him mental help, but du Pont resisted and they were overruled. On the morning of the murder, du Pont asked Goodale to take a ride to Dave Schultz's house. He got out of the car, said to Schultz, “I hear you …
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Anarchy in Paris: Metal Urbain machine Éric Débris settles in Austin
Even in Paris, 1975 is boring and repressive. Gotham gutter-glam terrors the New York Dolls create a sensation two years earlier when guitarist Johnny Thunders vomits in front of a shocked press corps at Orly Airport, urinates behind his amps mid-show …
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