light line on test strip of digital test?

Question by Kaytie: light line on test strip of digital test?
I recently took a digital pregnacy test. The test strips came out with two lines. First one was a very dark line the second a little lighter. The reason I am asking is that it said negative on the digital response. I feel I might of tested early. I have irregular periods. We just started trying and I am having a difficult time figuring out when I ovulate. My last cyle started April 20th. Should I re-test or do you feel that it wasn’t a sucess this month? If I retest should I use a different test? I heard the digital test need a higher hcg level. Is that true?

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Answer by Chels
try these websites- and they both seem to have a TON of info for couples ttc. I am also ttc and also have strange periods, sometimes 31 days sometimes 35 days and sometimes only bleed for a day or 2. I take those ooc ovulation test every other day and they keep coming up negative. I would suggest making an appt at the doc for some tests to save yourself all this aggravation. I am glad to say my appt is coming up on the 1st so i can get some answers. If there is something wrong with your ovulation it is best to figure it out early with your doc and if need be get on something to help you conceive. Good luck to ya!!!

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  1. mender_bender2001 says:

    check out

    it talks about all types of home pregnancy tests, ovulation test kits, and when to test for each.

    Good Luck!!!

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