LG Optimus Slider Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile)

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  1. Saturn says:
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    More Than Expected, November 22, 2011

    This review is from: LG Optimus Slider Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I recently switched from Sprint to Virgin Mobile. At first, I bought a used Blackberry 8530. It was a terrible phone and it stopped communicating with Virgin Mobile within a week. On the hunt for a new phone, I heard about the Optimus V. It kinda reminded me of the Hero in it’s look and capabilities, and coming from an EVO 4G with Sprint, that really didn’t seem like enough.

    That’s when I found the Optimus Slider. The Slider has an 800mhz processor, which I feared would still be too slow, but was actually very snappy. Without the bloatware UI you find on HTC phones, this phone despite not being as powerful as my Evo, actually is faster in the menus. I used to get lag all the time with my Evo, and so far nothing with this (and this is while running live wallpapers and alternate launchers like Go Launcher).

    The phone plays all the apps well that I had stored on my Android account, and works flawlessly with Amazon’s app store. This was a huge plus for me, as when I rooted my Nook Color I had all sorts of problems running many applications. Everything on this however works flawlessly.

    The keyboard’s buttons are huge, and feel much easier to type on than other slide out keyboards. I never mess up while typing now, and never use the on screen keyboard. The red accents on the keys give it a very nice “droid” look, and the included Home/Menu/Back/Search buttons on the keyboard are a nice touch.

    The camera is pretty ho hum. 3.2 Megapixels and no flash. It records video, which is a plus, but only has a rear facing camera. Overall, it’s much worse than my Evo, but then again, my Evo’s cameras weren’t good enough to take high quality photos in either. I usually use my stand-alone camera for good photos, so on the go quick snapshots work just fine for what it is.. a phone.

    The slider is quite smooth. In fact it’s better quality than my old Playstation GO’s slider, which violently snapped into place. This is much smoother and doesn’t wobble like my GO’s slider once fully pulled out.

    All in all, this is my first LG phone, and I have to say, I’m very impressed. For what I paid (168 free shipping) with no contract, it really highlights how much other carriers are over-charging for their phones (most of which are 5-600 out of contract!). It was nice to be able to replace my Blackberry without waiting for a contract to expire. I simply went out and bought a new one at the same price everyone else pays. The 3G is just as fast as the 3G on Sprint, so for 35 out the door for unlimited data and texts, it’s a no brainer. I’m very happy I finally left Sprint, and I’m very happy with this phone.

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  2. Bay Area Tech Junkie says:
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    Replace your Intercept now!, November 13, 2011
    Bay Area Tech Junkie (Redwood City, CA United States) –

    This review is from: LG Optimus Slider Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    If you are still suffering with an Intercept, this is the phone for you! Although the specs say the screen is the same size, the Slider screen is higher resolution and slightly larger. Physically it is a little flatter and wider and it feels like a much more upscale device. There is virtually no lag in the UI, versus the tens of seconds on the Intercept. Physical Android keys mean positive feedback that you pressed one.

    Games like Angry Birds and Nano Panda run great. Music output is clean, and videos play smoothly. Photos and videos are also an improvement over the Intercept.

    The Android 2.3 dialer interface is MUCH improved over the one in 2.2 on the Intercept and you’ll find yourself using fewer keystrokes and accidentally hanging up or re-dialing a lot less often. Recommend Mintues Checker for Virgin Mobile from the Market to keep track of how many minutes you have left. Skype also works almost okay over the 3G data connection, but there is enough distortion that touch tones don’t work. Skype over WiFi is great with a headset, and toll free calls in the US are free on Skype (e.g. conference bridge numbers) and of course don’t use any of your Virgin Mobile minutes.

    Google turn by turn navigation with GPS and satellite images is there, although you have to download a voice synthesis app from the Market before you get voice prompts (it tells you which one to download).

    Voice dialing is supported, but I highly recommend Choice Dialer+ Free for this phone, as you get confirmation of names before it calls unlike the native Google dialer that will happily start to call your ex-girlfriend or the San Diego Zoo when you asked it to call your Mom.

    On the downside, battery life isn’t as good as an Intercept. While actively fiddling it is surprising how fast it burns through battery. With JuiceDefender and ATK I CAN make it through a business day with about 40% power left. Red lettering on the keyboard is difficult to read in low light and numbers require pressing the Fn key. It also seems slow to charge (takes well over an hour). Also Flash is not supported on this device, but there is a YouTube app. Lack of a light sensor means you sometimes have to manually adjust brightness to avoid being blinded, or to read outside.

    Like the Optimus V you can enable the hidden WiFi Hotspot function, but unfortunately on this device it still doesn’t work. PDANet on the Market does work fine.

    If you are making an hour or two of calls a day and check email SMS very 30 mins or so this phone should work out great for you. If you are on an Intercept, this is a no brainer upgrade for you.

    UPDATE – since this phone came out Boost Mobile has made available the Transform Ultra, which is a much more powerful phone than this with more internal memory. If looking at unlimited plans, I think going to Boost for the Transform Ultra makes a lot of sense as it starts at $50 and with shrinkage gets down to $35 over 18 months. You CAN port from Virgin Mobile to Boost.

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  3. NewsView says:
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    Great Starter Android Phone but VM Reception Needs Improvement, January 21, 2012
    NewsView (Los Angeles, CA USA) –

    This review is from: LG Optimus Slider Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I have owned the LG Optimus Slider (VM701) phone nearly a month. My spouse and I were able to take advantage of a Radio Shack special for Christmas 2011 that made this a far better buy. I can’t complain about Virgin Mobile’s service. We had to call customer service a couple times during and after activation and the reps were always friendly and we were not disconnected. That being said, I would advise that you activate your phone online. I called in my activation but had to go online before it “took”. It took me about four hours for the phone to activate using my existing cell number but nearly two days and several phone calls for my spouse. (There is an “activation status” link on the Virgin Mobile website.)

    As a first-time Android owner it is fun to explore the Android marketplace, where it is possible to download a number of apps directly to the handset. You name it, there’s an app for that. That’s the good news. Now for the bad: with 181MB internal memory — not the 512MB indicated in Amazon’s description — the VM701 fills up very fast when running apps that must utilize or reside on that space. Here’s what we learned: All apps, even apps that can move to the included 2 gigabyte micro SD card, require some of that internal memory to operate. To write text messages or the like, you must always have internal memory free or errors and freezes will occur. I loaded enough apps at one point to come within 14MB of the internal memory limit only to encounter a severe memory outage. My phone froze and I had to reset the battery five times in a row before I caught a tiny status message on boot-up indicating that memory had run out. Consequently, if I had to name one bad thing about this mobile phone it is that you will run into memory limitations very quickly if you go “app happy” like I did. Some apps, like wallpapers and themes, insist on running on internal memory and you will have to make decisions about what takes priority. I recommend a minimum of 20MB free of internal memory at all times to avoid crashes and hangs.

    I am not sure if it is the phone or the Gingerbread OS but this phone sometimes has a mind of its own. I set a custom ring tone for my spouse and after two weeks it decided to switch to the Virgin Mobile start-up tone. A check of the settings revealed that my custom ring tone was still in place and that my preferred ringtone for general calls had changed on its own. When my spouse calls I get the “generic” ring tone instead. The other thing that has caused a fair amount of frustration is that the ringer mutes upon boot-up, yet only intermittently so. I like to turn my phone completely off at night and if I don’t remember to check the volume button on the side of the phone when switching it on the next morning I will find it on “silent” later in the day even though I did not enter the operating system settings to mute it. I still haven’t ruled out if an app is causing the issue, which is possible because my spouse has the same phone and has not had this particular problem.

    Above and beyond anything else I *assumed* about this phone, my spouse and I expected that like our feature phones the LG Optimus Slider would support audible (spoken) caller ID. This is not to be confused with the visual caller ID where you see your contact’s picture and phone number pop up on the scree when the phone rings — this form of caller ID is built in and functions flawlessly. Rather, we are attempting to enable an overlay such that when the phone rings it reads aloud what is shown on the screen. Thus far, I have paid for several apps and downloaded all the free apps on the market for “voice announce” caller ID and it does not reliably work — even for callers who are in our contact lists. Once in a great while it will surprise us by correctly stating who is calling but for the most part our phones ring as normal or, if the SVOX voice says anything at all, it is to identify all incoming calls as “unknown”. In searching various Android websites, I learned that audible caller ID is supposed to be a stock menu option in the Gingerbread OS but for whatever reason LG and/or VM has altered the menu so that it is omitted or hidden. If VM customer service has fallen short on one measure, it is in the conflicting responses I received to this question. Nobody can tell me whether it is a carrier vs. a hardware limitation, and the PDF owner’s guide I downloaded didn’t address the subject either. A post to the LG forum didn’t clear up the issue, and attempts to use LG’s web email form failed as did the Virgin Mobile website support form, neither of which have been working recently. It may have been VM’s decision to strip this option out of the settings menu in attempt to streamline the OS to run on the phone’s limited memory but that doesn’t explain why I can’t get a stand-alone app to fill in for the missing function.

    The best thing I can say about this handset is that it is solid in…

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