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  1. Kaio "Pulu si Bagumba" says:
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    Motorola Triumph vs LG Marquee & No-Contract Cell Phones vs Contract, February 25, 2012
    Kaio “Pulu si Bagumba” (Neverland, CA) –

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    This review is from: LG Marquee Android Prepaid Phone (Boost Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I downloaded a countdown app for my Thrive tablet a few months back and have been literally tracking the days until I was freed from my cell phone contract and able to jump ship. In that time, I’ve done plenty of research into no-contract phones, and honed in on either Virgin Mobile’s Motorola Triumph or Boost Mobile’s LG Marquee. I even bought a $5 flip phone at Target and activated it with $10 of minutes just to test out Virgin’s network. Both Virgin and Boost are owned by Sprint, and the cell coverage was just as good in my tests with that $5 flip phone. So I’ve been itching to get a no-contract smartphone and stop being needlessly gouged by contract service providers. I was leaning heavily toward Triumph, but at the last minute, decided on the Marquee for a few specific reasons.

    First Things First:

    Now that my Sprint contract is finally up, I feel like I’ve just been released from prison or something, and vow to never get suckered into another cell phone contract again. I’ve been under contract with AT&T, Verizon and now Sprint. Of the 3, Sprint has the best prices and their service is on par with the other 2 providers. I’m happy with Sprint’s coverage, but the phone they sold me turned out to be a colossal dud a few months in, and they didn’t care to do a thing about it since I was shackled for 2 years. So I’ve been counting the years, months and days until I could finally be freed from contract oblivion and get a phone that actually works! The phone I’m gladly dumping, The Samsung Moment, got 90 minutes of battery life at best, and took 10 minutes just to boot up!! My “wireless” phone was constantly tethered to a charger, was plagued with CPU hangs and lock-ups, and virtually every task was the epitome of tedium. Someone could literally die if they needed to rely on that phone in an emergency. I’m in a wheelchair, and I’d be better off trying to walk to the police than call 911 with that piece o’ junk — good riddance!

    Pre-Paid Stigma?

    I don’t get why most people willingly commit themselves to a 2 year contract with any service provider. I was duped into the false sense of security just like everyone else, but I’ve learned my lesson. Sure, maybe you’ll get a “free” phone up front, or get suckered into believing the mail-in rebates are a great deal, or that 4G coverage actually matters when NONE of the providers can offer that speed consistently as of this writing. But in reality, there’s virtually NO reason to be bound to a 2 year contract. I see how it benefits service providers, but there’s virtually no upside to the consumer whatsoever — nada, nothing, zip, zilch, zero — period. It seems prepaid cell phones have a stigma associated with them, hence why they’re being re-branded as “no-contract;” because only poor people or those with bad credit get “prepaid” cell phones. Well, I’m struggling financially now that I’ve been forced into early retirement, but my credit rating is still over 950, so the stereotype doesn’t fit. True, at one time, prepaid cell phones were old technology that no one wanted, but that’s no longer the case. Both Boost and Virgin have several smartphone options; even Blackberry if you’re set on clinging to that dying brand. But no-contract carriers are getting better phones now; a few are even top-notch. Virgin has the Triumph and now Boost has the LG Marquee, which only a few months ago was a contract phone offered through Sprint. Both are really great smart-phones, light years ahead of my last contract phone. And both Boost and Virgin are owned by Sprint, so the fear of having terrible coverage are unfounded. All told, the excuses with going the prepaid route have quickly evaporated.

    Motorola Triumph vs LG Marquee

    I really loved a lot Triumph’s features: fast CPU, huge screen, HDMI connectivity, excellent video quality, readily available Root mods, and the Motorola brand. I did exhaustive research into this phone and was really set on getting it. But one thing that really concerned me is Amazon suspended their sales of the phone multiple times after receiving customer complaints that their stock was defective. I know tech stupidity is often at play as much as defective hardware, but it did give me cause for concern. Then I read that Virgin was due to announce their new phone for the year, and it’s going to be the LG Marquee, so that made me take a serious look. And when Amazon finally got the Marquee on Boost, I decided to just take the leap and go for it. It’s not always true, but generally, new is often better in tech world. Things evolve and change very quickly with tech, so a phone that was only a few months old, compared to one well over a year old, sounded more appealing to me. And if it’s true that Virgin will be carrying the Marquee as well, then there will be plenty of tweaks and mods available soon enough.

    Boost vs Virgin

    Since both companies…

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  2. Ray Ben says:
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    SHARP, Svelte, Excellent Phone at a Budget Price!, May 24, 2012
    Ray Ben (Seattle) –

    This review is from: LG Marquee Android Prepaid Phone (Boost Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    This product is… Easy to use, Fast, CLEAR, Great picture quality Good video quality

    I’d been using the Samsung Galaxy Prevail on Boost Mobile for over a year (bought it the minute it came out), recently upgraded to (this) LG Marquee.
    The first benefit is all the Internal Storage Space, available to the user. I don’t have to scrimp on APP shopping anymore, as I did on the Galaxy Prevail,and that (for me) is HUGE.

    The Display is SHARP, clean, clear, crisp, Crystaline! This phone has the LG “Nova” Display. Photos POP on this, and videos look great.

    The phone is THIN, much more so than I had expected. It feels nice in the hand and the sleekness of the design gives it a look & feel of a premium (much more expensive) phone or device. BIG difference between this and the LTE Warp.

    Call quality is great, Bluetooth and WiFi are flawless. For those who bemoan poor battery life, guess what? Smart phones are like digital cameras, they will chomp, eat and relentlessly DRAIN batteries! Get used to it, or buy a non-android / non-blackberry / non-windows / non- ios / non-smart phone.

    One of the few issues I have with the LG Marquee, is that the Charging Port is on the Top of the phone. Seems strange and it does (for me) interfere with routine operation of the phone, while charging. The only other phone I’ve owned that did this, was an LG900 from NET10 (not a smart phone). Ironically, I can use the same charger as that old Net10 cheapie.

    I labored over this decision a bit, as my Samsung Galaxy was (and still is) a great phone. I didn’t really NEED this, but … Ten minutes after getting it home, unpacked, fired up and activated, I was thanking myself profusely for having done so. This is one of the most gratifying purchases I’ve made in a long time.

    I was also surprised at how easy it was to upgrade(from my Samsung Galaxy Prevail) at Boost Mobile – I forfeited six months of “shrinkage” by upgrading, which is what they do now … if you’re on the original $50-dollar plan, you’ll be forced to the newer $55-dollar plan when you upgrade your handset.
    … meaning, I am now paying $45 per month, up from $40, which is the least you can pay on Boost Mobile (used to be $35.00). I still LOVE the flat rate, no-tricks of Boost Mobile and consider the extra five bucks worth every dime.

    Overall – anybody who is sitting on the fence with this, take one look at the ZTE Warp from Boost … take one look at Virgin Mobile’s Motorola Triumph, then thank your lucky stars you decided on THIS instead. If you are one of those people who must have 4G and Android ICS, stay away – or wait for Virgin Mobile’s release of their first 4G phone in about a week or so.

    For me, and for everybody else, this phone is just about perfect. Yes, you’ll see some reviews on this that are not so kind; frankly, I have no idea what they are all about. As a buyer / subscriber / owner of this, I have no bad words or thoughts toward this excellent phone.

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  3. Just Dude "-----" says:
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    Nice Phone, May 24, 2012
    This review is from: LG Marquee Android Prepaid Phone (Boost Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Fast shipping, ordered it on Saturday morning and had it at my door Monday morning!

    Brand new, non gray market, factory sealed box, with all the peripherals and the included car charger.

    The battery does go fast, but I ordered two spares and a portable charger to remedy that.

    I was a long time Verizon customer (22 years to be exact). Since Verizon has no long term loyalty, I went to where someone does, Boost. I’m really digging this no contract thing.

    My number ported within an hour or so, I was up and running in no time.

    I really like the size and weight of this phone. It really is very slim and light, great for the pocket. Not a lot of bloat ware. Great auto focus camera and flash also.

    If you are not a heavy user like me and don’t need the most powerful phone out there, I think you will be quite pleased with this phone.

    I have had no problems with the phone at all. If I do, I will update this post.

    I do have an issue with Boost however. It seems that no taxes or fees does not apply to state sales tax. OK, I get it, I pay state tax on top of the unlimited monthly fee, but Boost has charged me $2.00 over and above my state sales tax and can’t seem to tell me why. I have now inquired three times and still have no answer. All they tell me is, I have to pay state tax on the time I buy, I know, but what is the extra two dollars of absolutely no extra fees for? When I get an answer I will update.

    Update: After approximately one month of use, I really like this phone and the service. The phone has performed flawlessly.

    Update: I have been with Boost for three months now. I love the service and have had absolutely no problems. I use prepaid cards and do not get charged any taxes or extra fees. In fact, the cards I buy cost about a dollar and a half less then face value, but charge up the service the face value amount. As stated, I am very pleased with the phone and Boost service.

    Update: June 6th 2012. I just went to Pincheap to charge up my Boost account. When I got to the site, there was a notice that Boost was no longer giving Pincheap a discount. The refills from Pincheap for Boost mobile are now at face value, no more discounts. They still do not have any extra fees attached to them which is good.

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