Law Professor Asks Supreme Court to Hear DNA Case

Law Professor Asks Supreme Court to Hear DNA Case
"There is a split among the jurisdictions on whether there is a reasonable expectation of privacy against DNA testing and, thus, requiring a search and seizure warrant to analyze the highly private genetic make-up of a free citizen—not incarcerated …
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Flu Shot May Be Upended as U.S. Tests Universal Vaccine
A woman receives a free flu shot from a Walgreens employee during a free flu shot clinic at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, California on Dec. 19, 2014. Photographer: … The universal vaccine has been shown effective in animal testing, and …
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Here's How We'll Profit From Elon Musk's “Space Internet”
Along those same lines, Google is also testing a service known as Project Loon that uses high-altitude balloons to beam 4G LTE cellular signals down to Earth. It has tested Project Loon in Northeast Brazil, California's Central Valley and New Zealand.
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