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Very Promising! ZincAir Battery Could Hold 300% More Energy Than Lithium-Ion
… Zinc-air battery can "store three times the energy of lithium ion batteries, by volume, while costing only half as much," and unlike other existing air batteries, this one would be rechargeable. It is planning to start by selling small ones for …
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Battery maker Rayovac powers to 25th anniversary
To mark the occasion there was a staff celebration to thank the whole team for their contribution to its success. Rayovac continues to pioneer the way in zinc air hearing aid battery technology. It first started producing zinc air batteries in 1989 …
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6 reasons not to take zinc for your cold
Does your co-worker's first explosive sneeze or your child's burgeoning cough send you racing to the store for zinc supplements to protect yourself from catching their colds? If so, listen up: It's true that recent studies have found that zinc may …

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