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Obama seeks human rights waiver on war funds
Iraqi government forces – the main intended recipients of the new aid – were notorious for human rights abuses under the previous prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki. In July, a United Nations human rights report documented allegations of atrocities by the …
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Momentum to Fund Ebola Vaccine Research Grows in Congress
"This bill will help fight Ebola with a tool that encourages the development of necessary vaccines and drugs with little to no market in the United States — offering a reward to innovators who invest the time and resources to develop vaccines and …
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2 big reasons why you should own Cochlear Limited shares
The well-known hearing aid and bionic ear implant maker now has quite a number of new products on the market after some delays (a previous “bad card” which pushed down the share price). As the world's leading Cochlear implant producer, customers and …
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Rob Pate: Good time to play Georgia
In fact little else can aid the transition away from disappointment and letdown toward opportunity and restoration like preparation and defeating a bitter rival. Rob Pate (Photo: 247Sports). The A&M result was a resounding … Players know nothing of …

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