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Park View students learn about life with a disability – Warwick Beacon
I received my first pair of hearing aids in the third grade, and I cried. I really hated it,” … Calabro tried cooking in a restaurant, and felt that she was really good at it as she moved up to be one of the top cooks, but didn't love the 57-hour …
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Silence Isn't Golden: The Case for Expanding Medicare | Max Richtman
With an average cost of $ 3,000 – $ 7,000 and zero coverage from Medicare, it's little surprise that for a senior collecting an average monthly Social Security check of $ 1,287, hearing aids are seen as a luxury they simply can't afford. In truth, hearing …
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California's invasive 'contraband watch' often yields little
Some recovered items seem truly bizarre: a can opener, hearing aids, and an entire electric tattoo kit. The watches have been used … It was a game of maneuvering the best you could to get your hands to your mouth," he recalled. In the end, guards …
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