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Border Agent Haul – Mural
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Image by cobalt123
About 30 years ago I would have associated this section of a mural with a border agent capture of a hippie carrying drugs. But now in Arizona, my first thought was far different. We have a huge border war going on at the border with Mexico, and there are border agents, "Minutemen Project" vigilantes who "help" patrol borders against illegals, and then there are humanitarian "angels" who leave water and food at remote places for illegals who face death just in the crossing. See the "No More Deaths" site for more information.

My view of this mural section is that the border patrol and "Minute Men" hassle the humanitarian volunteers now. I heard a radio program this week where a "Minute Man" proudly told of all the ways they deter humanitarian aid workers, including throwing out canfulls of nails, spikes and tacks in the hope that the "angels" will get flat tires during their food and rescue deliveries.

Friends of Border Patrol
Minutemen Project
"No More Deaths" humanitarian aid workers

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