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Craige: What's with all the noise?
If she's far away, she speaks loudly. I read online (where my inquiring mind is instantly gratified) that some city birds sing at higher frequencies than their country brothers. Behavior ecologist Wouter Halfwerk, … high-frequency songs than males …
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The Battle of the Prenatal Tests
We see mosaics, balanced de novo translocations, inversions, marker chromosomes … the frequency of all of those is about 1 percent,” Ronald Wapner, MD, told me. He's the Director of the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Columbia …. Nearly 80 …
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Harnessing Energy From the Body to Run Devices
In an experiment this month, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School demonstrated in guinea pigs that it is possible to use energy produced by the inner ear, which is needed for hearing, to power tiny sensors …
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