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SAS exercise death inquest: Soldier denies falsifying records of exercise
A tracker system operator who failed to spot that a dying SAS test march candidate had not moved for two hours denied falsifying official records of the exercise. The Signals Regiment soldier, codenamed 1C, told an inquest that timings relating to the …
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How I setup an online course worth 0k
I'm sick of hearing from friends that their online course costs more money to run than the revenue it's generating. Or that they have to shut their … Or that they want to create an online course, but have no idea where to start, so they stay stuck in …
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Kylie Palmer denies doping as swim bosses lose hope of quick hearing
FINA's Doping Control Review Board decided in January 2014 to let the matter rest 'given the low levels of the prohibited substance detected, the absence of this substance in a subsequent test, the absence of any other prohibited substance in the …
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