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Vail Daily column: Hearing aids provide quality of life
Anyone remember being called, “four eyes?” Hearing aids have had the same progression. Today, hearing aids are sold over the counter in many stylish offerings and with interchangeable adhesive prints. Some even look like mini-jewels. If you are one of …
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Music Issue 2015: Have foam, will rumble at Billy Summer's home studio
His mother-in-law, Kay (also known as the sweetest lady I've ever met), lives adjacent to the studio space; if Summer gets too loud, she just takes out her hearing aid. Once inside, he heaves a deeply contented sigh. “It's one of the greatest things in …
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Is there humanitarian complicity in the occupation of Palestine?
After one detonated too close to the family's home, the eldest daughter lost hearing in one ear. … All countries – the United States and European Union members in particular – that condone and help extend the occupation of the Palestinian territories …
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