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Why Costco Rules in Hearing Aids … and Gummy Bears
It tapped the industry's main manufacturers to source a line of in-house, Kirkland brand hearing aids, which start at around $ 500 each. It lured skilled audiologists with nice benefits and pay packages, and it began opening hearing-aid centers like crazy.
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EYE GAMES FOR BABY Book Series Awarded Product of the Year
The first few months of baby's life, according to the American Optometric Association, are crucial for monitoring vision, as certain eye conditions that could lead to permanent vision loss later on in life may be successfully treated in childhood if …
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New hearing aids change lives for contest winners
Her new set of hearing devices will not only allow Kirkland to hear clearly again, but they also include a Bluetooth streamer she wears around her neck. With the streamer, Kirkland can answer her cell phone, her home phone, her office phone and listen …
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