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In search of the elusive otter
… I always went in the same clothes, chosen because they did not rustle or catch the light; I wore no perfume or other cosmetics – otters have an acute sense of smell; I took no crackly snacks as otters' hearing is superb and I found a spot close to …
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Over the Rainbow
“In the fall of 2010 I started hearing a lot of stories about African-American and Hispanic teens who were gay or were suspected to be gay, committing suicide, which [before then] wasn't really being widely reported,” Boykin says. … of living through …
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JK Rowling writes 'Casual Vacancy' for adults
"Considering that those who waited online at midnight can get this book by tapping a device … (The Casual Vacancy) will be arriving in a different environment," says Carol … "I think there is a curiosity about (the book), but I am not hearing from …
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Compromise sought over Scarborough student fees
Scarborough seniors Merrick Madden and Jack Sullivan confer as School Board Chairman Bob Mitchell speaks about administrative pay increases during a hearing on school parking fees Aug. 16. The board voted 6-1 to institute a $ 50 … "If $ 200,000 is …
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