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May 2012 PPE Roadshow
Industrial Hearing Testing
Image by Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne’s Deputy Director for Programs, Mark Peters (seated), had his hearing tested at the May 2012 PPE Road Show. Steve Eagels (ESQ), in red shirt, looks on as Michael S. Rosenow (ESQ), industrial hygienist, performs the test

Windwise to petition for public hearing on turbine woes
"We the citizens of Fairhaven petition the Fairhaven Board of Health to hold a public hearing that would allow the citizens of Fairhaven who are being impacted from the operation of the two industrial turbines to be allowed the opportunity to speak …

Capacity Crowd Attends Crematory Hearing
The ordinance allows for crematories to be included as an allowable conditional use in the L1, or Light Industrial District, and sets regulations for their use. The ordinance has been recommended for approval by council by the township planning commission.

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