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Siemens to Sell Its Hearing Aid Unit for About .69 Billion
The hearing aid business has been a part of Siemens for more than 100 years. The company introduced the first industrially produced hearing instrument, the Esha-Phonophor, in 1913; the first behind-the-ear aid in the 1950s; and the first in-the-ear …
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Automatic Ingestion Monitor helps you lose weight by tracking how much you chew
A sensor, worn around the ear (pictured) monitors movements of the jaw. It is activated by vibrations … It is hoped the device could soon be used to power electronic devices, such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and even phones. The strap is made …
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Digital hearing aids offer latest technology
One hundred years ago the first electronic hearing aids were bulky and not portable. Today's devices are now tiny enough to be completely concealed in the ear canal. The latest innovation: digital hearing aids. Original hearing aids were “analog …
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