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Data breaches: Not just for the big guys Credit unions hit a nerve with
DATA BREACHES: NOT JUST FOR THE BIG GUYS – Major data breaches have thrust the vulnerability of point-of-sale systems into the national spotlight — but the majority of hacks of card data don't rise to the national headlines. Beyond the Home Depot or …
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Right-Wing Evangelicals Violate the Law and Campaign From the Pulpit
Through tactical lawsuits against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Alliance Defending Freedom seeks to restore the right of each pastor to speak scriptural Truth from the pulpit to generate test cases that we can carry to the U.S. Supreme Court to …
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Public school: Where kids can't think for themselves
No one wants them to come home from school filled with wild ideas that steal their innocence or lead them into reckless behaviors. But does no one appreciate the value of teaching kids to think for themselves? … we teach them at home. I want them to …

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