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Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable; once it's gone, you can't get it back
“People who have dementia-like symptoms – dementia is often a mirror for untreated hearing loss. We will see where people will start isolating; they get very distrustful of what people are saying,” said Audiologist Rebecca Frazier, Au. D., CCC-A, F-AAA.
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Ten signs you may have hearing loss
Speech is a complex signal, meaning it contains low, mid and high pitch sounds. Although you may have high frequency hearing loss and miss parts of words, your hearing may still be relatively okay at other frequencies allowing you to get by. However …
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New hybrid hearing device helps those who find hearing aids to be ineffective
… puts in place during a 90-minute outpatient procedure; a sound processor that converts high-frequency sounds to electric signals and sends them to the implant; and an acoustic component that functions like a hearing aid, amplifying low-frequency …
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