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"Would You Like A Pregnancy Test With That Beer," Says One Minnesota Bar
Upon hearing there's a bar that offers pregnancy tests in the bathroom, you might think they're trying to make some really terrible joke about taking someone home after a few beers and having unprotected sex. … And perhaps the organization and those …
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Hearing tests for Portlaoise newborns
More than 2,000 babies a year will be screen for hearing difficulties under a Newborn Hearing Screening Programme at the Midlands Regional Portlaoise Hospital. Portlaoise is the first midlands hospital to introduce the national programme. The simple …
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HELP to Test New Communications System
8/21/2012 – Minnesota Uses New Bridge-Building Tech to Slash Road-Closure Time The Minnesota Department of Transportation used a giant automated machine called a Self-Propelled Modular Transporter to move a finished bridge into position over the …
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