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New Effort to Help Ohio Kids with Hearing Issues
PHOTO: The newly formed Coalition of Ohio Audiologists and Children's Hospitals is working to better identify and assist children who fail their first hearing test and do not return for further diagnosis or treatment. Photo credit: Kimberly/Flickr.
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Osteoporosis Linked to Deafness
“In our clinical practice, we encountered many osteoporotic patients in outpatient clinics and some of them complained of hearing problems, so we started to research the associated studies and papers,” senior author Dr. Kai-Jen Tien told Reuters Health …
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Oshawa Clinic offers three hearing centres
If you have hearing loss, there are hearing aids and other solutions that can help you hear better and clearer again. The path to better hearing begins with a hearing test. At Oshawa Clinic's hearing centres, they offer comprehensive tests that cover …

Across America Briefs
The mass march tied to voting rights will be held July 13 in Winston-Salem, where the federal hearing is scheduled that same day. People from across … A loss will set us back years.” The NAACP will be back in court at the end of August to argue …
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