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'Hearing test changed my life'
Having suffered with hearing loss from a young age, Katherine was only 14 when she was properly diagnosed. Despite using a hearing aid from another provider, she continued to have difficulties with her hearing when she was with her family, in social …

Cochlear implants give boy with Down syndrome new lease on life
An auditory brain stem response test — an examination of the nervous system that controls hearing — revealed that he was profoundly deaf. Hearing loss is not unusual for children with Down syndrome, who have a higher incidence than other groups.
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Villanova stands tall as class of the Big East in tournament
Sterling Gibbs hit a step-back jumper as time expired and Seton Hall stunned Villanova 64-63 in a thrilling quarterfinal last year, a loss that cost the Wildcats a No. 1 seed in the … The Wildcats know hearing their name called on Sunday as one of …
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