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Noise-induced hearing loss restored in mice
Researchers from the University of Michigan and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, may be well on the way to finding new therapies that restore noise-induced and age-related hearing loss in humans. In a new study, the team describes how they …
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West Virginia University Student Nolan Burch Dies
West Virginia Mountaineers Campus General view of the Woodburn Hall on the campus of the West Virginia University Mountaineers circa 2011 in Morgantown, West Virginia. West Virginia/Collegiate Images/Getty Images …
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First order of business for Gov. Rick Scott: Investigate Tallahassee Police
But Tallahassee officers did not test him for alcohol. Nor did their report … Rick Scott not scheduled an independent "police conduct code" hearing into the shady way the TPD conducts its business when dealing with FSU football players? … SHORT …
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