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Al Jalila Foundation to sponsor ear implants of children
Children in the UAE with severe hearing loss have been given new hope thanks to the Al Jalila Foundation. Hard of hearing youngsters will be … Living in Sharjah, Hana did not have any hearing test when she was born. When she was 10-months-old, she …
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Do My Hearing Aids Make Me Look Fat?
Not only did Ray take over an hour and a half to run every test he had available, he also assured me that he didn't expect me to buy hearing aids any time soon. That's because it … According to Ray, my hearing loss is likely hereditary. While most …
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The challenge of graceful aging
And just last week I met with an audiologist for a second-opinion test and sizing of my ears for hearing devices (“aids” are for old people). I notice challenges with hearing when watching TV, a movie or play, when in a … J. Michael Tysklind, an …

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