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An Interview With Dr. Eric Pearl
I met Dr. Eric Pearl a few years ago when he came to Philadelphia to teach a room full of eager folks, a modality that came to him/through him called Reconnective Healing. As someone who had long been fascinated with the impact of life force on life …
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Adolescent Hearing Loss Tests Often Fail To Indicate If A Teen Is At Risk
Standard hearing tests administered by school or the state generally screen for low-frequency hearing loss, which is often associated with ear infections and fluid in the ear of younger children. These tests tend to miss signs of high-frequency hearing …
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How good is YOUR hearing? Video reveals the frequencies that you can – or can
This image is a screen grab taken from a video designed to test how well people can hear. The video plays a sine wave through the human audio spectrum, ranging from 20 and 20,000 Hz. … Individual hearing range varies according to the general …
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