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ACC: Folate Supplements Cut Strokes in Hypertension
The frequency of the MTHFR polymorphism was 27.3% for the CC genotype (normal homozygous, n=5,562), 49.2% for CT (heterozygous variant, n=10,176), and 23.5% for TT (homozygous variant, n=4,874). … "This finding underscores the basic principle that …
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Hypnagogia: The 405 meets Lapalux
To find harmony between the two is one of the most important challenges facing a new artist, and the means in which it is found is the real test of originality. Stuart Howard, aka Lapalux, is one of these innovators. … "I just get sick of hearing …
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Which 3 digital health, life science companies made it to SXSW Accelerator Day 2?
Tinnitracks developed a music therapy/audiology treatment to help people with tinnitus — a condition in which people hear ringing in their ears and is associated with hearing loss. It affects up to 50 … “When you listen to the filtered music, you …
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