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Run The Jewels: 'I'm Taking This Life'
Microphone Check co-host Ali Shaheed Muhammad was moving on the only morning Jaime and Mike had time to sit down in New York City after they dropped their second album, Run the Jewels 2, so this interview was done by Frannie Kelley solo. FRANNIE …
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Video: Comet landing could unlock mysteries of life on Earth
Oscillations in the magnetic field around Comet 67P produce a “song” at a frequency of 40-50 millihertz, which is far below the threshold for human hearing. The frequency has been increased above. (Crysknife007/YouTube). TScientists have likened the …
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Amazing animals: Bats use sonar jamming to steal food
If they hear another bat about to move in on a morsel, Mexican free-tailed bats will send out a well-timed counter-call. This jamming signal, which has the wavering, up-down quality of a police siren, matches the frequency range of the other bat's food …
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