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HAYWARD (KCBS) — A lot of kids and teenagers who grew up watching The Ed Sullivan Show in the '60s were influenced by The Beatles national television debut. Just because he was deaf, Steve Longo was no different. “When The … With the latest …
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3 reasons you'll fall hard for 'Grace and Frankie'
Terri Clark is an award-winning young adult author, entertainment writer, TV addict and pop culture geek. She loves the access Twitter has given her to the people behind her favorite TV shows. TV isn't just a static sport anymore. (Yes, sport! Watching …
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Review: Soundhawk smart listening system
Before jumping in, keep in mind that the FDA doesn't consider "sound amplifiers" to be medical devices, as long as they're labeled for recreational (or similar) use for people with normal hearing. So just because Soundhawk insists that its …. I went …
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