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Mayo Clinic Health Letter, July 2012 Highlights: Reducing the Irritation of
Hearing aid — A hearing aid helps patients with hearing loss hear the sounds around them better, which may reduce awareness of tinnitus. Using masking noise — This strategy may include a small device worn in the ear that emits soft steady noises …
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Hearing Healthcare Seminar Dates Announced!
Studies at Duke University have shown that over 86% of Tinnitus Sufferers have reported at least a 40% reduction in their Tinnitus and many Patients report that it has virtually eliminated their issues with ringing ear. … Dr. Morrison will offer …
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Senior citizens discuss their problems
They discussed how it seriously affected their quality of life, personal safety, ability to function independently and discussed the options available to them like hearing aids etc. Talking about the reasons for the hearing loss in the … hearing …
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